How to Ace Your Interview for Administrative Assistant Job?


Young Assistant at workAdministrative assistant is a commonly used job title in the United States. Lot of occupations can be branded with these two simple words. While some companies imagine to hire an office manager, a person for everything, other recruiters prefer to label a job of a secretary as an administrative assistant position. One way or another, this job belongs to the most popular choices of job seekers all around the world. Dozens of candidates submit their application for every job opening for an “administrative assistant” or an office assistant. So in order to have any chances of succeeding, you need to stand out from the crowd and outclass the other job applicants in an interview.

Success can be achieved by providing perfect answers to interview questions, or by creating a very good impression with your behavior and attitudes shown while talking to the employers. If you combine both, your chances of being hired at the end of the interview will be very good. is here to help you to be ready and to achieve your goal. Welcome!

What is going to happen in an interview?

The interviewers won’t use the most difficult questions. The job of an assistant is not technical and one do not need to have any special qualification or knowledge to be able to do it well. On the other hand, HR employees typically use personality tests, or they may let you to carry out practical tasks directly in an interview, such as working with MS Office, to see how good you are. On the top of that, personal preferences can play a huge role on the decision making, especially if the interview is led by you direct superior, or if you are interviewed in a small company. All in all, it’s pretty difficult. Luckily, there are some great interview resources, that helped many job seekers to get administrative jobs. You can have a look at it too here.


Questions they use

Typically, they use a set of personal and behavioral questions. They may ask you couple of technical questions too, mostly related to your computer skills.



Practical tests

Woman is doign a practical test in an interview

Everybody can talk about doing a job. But not everyone can really do it. That is why interviewers started to apply practical exercises in an interview. For example, they sit you in front of a computer and let you to retype something in MS Word (with formatting). It helps them to see if you can really work with the program and how quickly you type-write. This is a tricky challenge, especially if they asked you to rate your skills with the program before. If you gave yourself 10, but did not work with the program that well in practice, they would doubt your trustworthiness and your chances to get hired would be lost…. So be careful about what you say and do.

IQ test and personality test

To be honest, one can hardly prepare for an IQ test in advance. Either you have good intelligence, or not. But on the other hand, a very high IQ is not desired for administrative positions. Employers look for candidates with IQ within 100-115 range. Better than that is just too much for an assistant and such a person will easily get bored in their job. So, there is no need to be worried. If you are reading this text and understand the advice, your IQ is above hundred and you should succeed in an IQ test.

It is a different story with a personality test. One can prepare for it in advance, understanding what an employer expects from him and answering the questions according to that. However, it’s not super easy and some advanced training is needed to do it well.


Time to make a good impression

Interviewer is laughing Personal preferences can play a huge role, especially if there are no tests in your interview. Just think about it. Most applicants have the same profile and experience. Taking into account that there are many applicants and at least some of them give quite good answers to the questions, it is not easy to choose just one winner. That is the time when personal preferences decide.

If they feel good with you, they will want to hire you, in order to spend more time with you in the job, being your colleagues. It’s an art to sell yourself in an interview and just very few people can do it.
Everything starts with things such as being humble and showing respect. Nobody likes “Mr. Important” in an interview. You should not hesitate to compliment them for a good quality of interview process or for anything else that comes to your mind. We all like honest compliments…

We could continue and write an entire new website about how to win the hearts of the recruiters in your admin. assistant interview. But this information should not be available to everyone – then nobody would have an edge in the interviews… After you read answers to interview questions available on our website, check also our Interview Package for Administrative Assistants. You can learn things just very few job seekers know and totally outclass the others in your interview and get a job of your dreams. Thank you!


At the end of the day, they may still choose somebody else -doesn’t matter how hard you try. But at least you will know you did everything you could to succeed. Good luck in your interview!

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