What do you consider the main responsibility of an administrative assistant in our company?


Some job seekers believe that assistants do nothing else but make good coffee and answering phone calls. 

If you want to succeed in your interview, however, you need to show them that you are ready to do much more than that. You need to convince the HR managers that you see the importance of your role in the team, and believe to have an impact on the effectiveness of the entire department.

If we were to summarize the duties of an administrative assistant to a single sentence, we would say they are responsible to handle any administrative task their superior assigns to them. But you can say much more than that…

Job description will help you

Interviewer and applicant discussing resume in an interview for administrative assistant positionLook at the job description and try to locate the section of working duties. It should help you to understand if they want to hire a secretary, on office manager, or someone in between the two. It will also help you to see what they expect from you, and how to answer this question in an interview.

Remember, your attitude matters the most. Show them that you are ready to work hard and do more than expected.

Sample answer

I believe that the main responsibility of an administrative assistant is to take care of all administrative duties, assigned by their superiors, so the other people in the office can focus on more important tasks. I believe a good assistant should try their best to build and keep good atmosphere in an office. That’s what I imagine as two main duties of a good assistant.

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