What do you think is the main responsibility of an administrative assistant in our company?


Some people think that a typical day of an administrative assistant consists in making coffee and typing data to the computer. Some job seekers have the same opinion.

However, if you want to succeed in an interview, you need to show that you are ready to do much more than cooking good coffee and answering phone calls. You need to convince them that you see your vital role in a team and believe to influence the productivity of the office. Actually, the main duty of an administrative assistant is to carry out every task assigned by the boss, but on the top of that, to come up with his own ideas of what to do.

Job description will help you

Interviewer and applicant discussing resume in an interview for administrative assistant positionYou can find a list of duties on a job description. This should help you to understand if they want to hire a secretary, on office manager, or something between these two. It should be easier for you to identify their goal and talk about right duties in your answer.

After all, your attitude matters the most. Show them that you are ready to work hard and do more than expected of you. It can win you a job contract… Let’s have a look at two good answers:


I believe that the main responsibility of an administrative assistant is to take care of all administrative and other assigned duties, so the managers can focus on the important tasks and carry out their job well. I believe that a good assistant should try to create a motivating and positive atmosphere in an office too.

Good administrative assistant should listen to the boss and work on the assigned tasks constantly.

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