How do you ensure to keep good qualification for this job?


Your attitude is tested once again. Most people quit working on their skills, as soon as they get the first job. School has finished, and so has learning something new. Or not?

The one who is not progressing does not stays on the same place. He is actually moving backwards, when compared to other job applicants, as those new one and those who learn are passing him by! School of life never ends!

Office software, ways of effective communication, Outlook, internet, cooking good coffee. Things change and develop in time. One can not remain on the top of his job, if he does not constantly devote some time to learning and improving himself.

Candidates are waiting to be interviewed for admin assistant positionYou will compete against at least dozen other applicants. You need to convince the employer that you are the best one. And one of the ways to do it is to show him what you do to maintain your qualification on a high level.

Your attitude is the most important thing for the recruiters. Please, remember it. An intelligent applicant with right attitudes can always learn to work with office software, or carry out some difficult tasks in job. But someone with good skills and bad attitude will soon become an average employee and later a bad one…


Sample answers

Panel of three different interviewersEvery time I start in a new job, I try to learn basic things about the business in which we operate. Manners on the meetings, trends, innovations, market specifications. It helps me to start the job well and avoid negative surprises. I also like to update my computer software at home, to learn to work with the latest version as soon as it is up and running.

Well, I understand that if the assistant does her job well and quickly, the office will function better. Therefor I really try my best to improve my performance every day, working a little bit faster and a little bit harder. I also study a lot, time management and effective communication, to keep improving myself. If you choose me for this job, I will be glad to get some advice on the subjects I should study, to be able to start well from the very first day.


What to say at the end?

Congratulations! You came to the last answer.  You did more than eighty percent of all job seekers did to prepare well for their interview. However, if you would like to outclass all the other applicants and ace an interview, you will have to study a little bit more :). Our Administrative Assistant Interview Package is a good choice. Thank you for checking it out and Good Luck in your interview! You can find the package here.