Tell me a little about your working experience (education).


Though they have read your resume, the interviewers may still inquire about your working experience or education. They do it for two reasons:

  1. To assess your real level of working experience. People can writer anything on their resume, but once it comes to discussing details of their former jobs, only those who really did something can talk about their working duties, achievements, and things they learned in their career.
  2. To see what matters to you, and if you focus on good or bad things when narrating your past experience.

Let’s have a look at their second point. Some people will talk about problems they had with their former bosses or colleagues, or they will claim that they left becasue people were not competent in their last place of work. HR managers won’t hire them though, since nobody wants to employ people who look for the bad, and who will likely complain about something all time.

Talk nicely about your past, focus on relevant experience

Girl is having tough time, as there is lot of work to be doneYou need to focus on the good things if you want to present yourself as an optimistic and enthusiastic person, someone who will easily get along with their new colleagues and bosses.

Try to talk about the relevant working duties you had, and the achievements (if they were any). Let’s have a look at a good answer:

I have worked at STARBUCKS during the summer. I really enjoyed this job, though the workload was quite heavy. I think the customers enjoyed my service, and I made many friends in their ranks. We had a good relationships with my colleagues, and I was a little bit upset that the job was only seasonal. But it helped me to learn to work effectively, I improved my observation skills, and now I look for a next challenge.

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