Tell me a little more about your experience (education)?


Interviewers have your CV. They can see pretty well what you did, what schools you visited and graduated from, what courses you attended. So why do they ask this questions???

There is a reason, like for any other question in an interview. If there was no hidden reason behind this question, they would not use it. Actually, they inquire about your education and experience to verify two things:

  1. Your true level of experience. You know, it is pretty easy to compose a perfect resume nowadays. One can think up anything. But once you asked about details (they can give additional questions), it is pretty clear if the things on your resume are correct or not.
  2. To see what matter for you, and if you think positively or negatively about things around you.

Let’s stop by the second point. Many people see only negatives. When they speak about last job, they talk about problems they had with the boss, or claim that everyone was feckless in the company. However, to follow this example will be a huge mistake! HR managers do not want to employ people who complain about something all the time.


Talk positively about your past and future

Girl is having tough time, as there is lot of work to be doneTherefor, it does not matter what job or person you speak about, you should always talk positively. The goal is to present yourself as a positive and enthusiastic person, who easily gets along with colleagues in work. This is a personality profile an ideal administrative assistant should have and therefore you should present yourself in that way in an interview. Be positive, be nice. And what top focus on?

Well, it’s good to focus on your duties, achievements and lessons you learned in last job (or at school), especially if it is anyhow relevant for the job you are trying to get. Let’s have a look at one sample answer:

I have worked at STARBUCKS before, as a barista. I really enjoyed this job, however, it was only a seasonal one. The workload was quite heavy, but I enjoyed doing it and I think customers liked me, as I made many friends amongst them. We also have very good relationships amongst colleagues. All in all, I learned to work quickly, improved my observation skills and also learned to work hard. That is the only job I had so far. regarding my education, I would like to stress…

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