What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Interviewer is having fun reading resume Inexperienced HR managers use this question to learn something about your weaknesses, or they use it simply because they found it on some common job interview templates, or even on our website 🙂

However, the experienced recruiters can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses without asking. Typically they can do it after talking to you for less than five minutes.

Nevertheless, they may use this question, to see whether you can admit your weaknesses, whether you are humble, or overconfident, and so on.

Do not be afraid to talk about weaknesses

Try to be honest. Tell them about your weaknesses, and elaborate on that with an explanation on how you try to improve on them. That’s the attitude they search in perfect applicants for administrative assistant jobs!


Job related strengths, and weaknesses that do not matter

Tall admin assistantAdministrative assistant does not have to be an excellent manager or leader. Nor they need to be the smartest person in an office. These things are important for other employees, but not for the assistants. Therefor, try to talk about a weakness that won’t have a negative impact on the quality of your work.

And you should choose a strength that is at least somehow relevant for office assistants, for example patience, responsibility, an ability to typewrite, excellent computer skills, and so on. Let’s have a look at sample answers.


I work quickly with computer and typewrite, and I enjoy doing it. I am a detail oriented person and rarely do mistakes in my work. But my communication skills are not really as good as they should be. I know it matters, and I do my best to improve on them.

I am always on time, and my motivation stays high, doesn’t matter if we speak about work, or any other activity I do in life. I always give my hundred percent, and can not imagine living any other way. On the other hand, I know I should work on my management skills, and I try doing so.

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