Why do you want to be an administrative assistant?


Administrative assistant is working on a computer Most people try to get this job simply because it is convenient, offers routine duties and clean working environment. And a decent salary of course…

Well, we naturally apply for a job to earn money (nobody would work full time for free). But earning money should not resonate in your answer.

Oppositely, you should try to convince the hiring manager that you really want to have this job. Motivation is crucial for every administrative assistant, do not forget on it. If you want to get hired, you can’t look like someone who takes this job as a last option only.

Talk about positives

Job of an office assistant offers a lot of benefits. Not everyone prefers to spend twelve hours a day in an office and earn 100K annually. Some of us prefer simpler jobs with little stress-levels and challenges. Some of us prefer steady working hours, having chance to spend more time with our family and friends, doing what we love to do outside of the job… And that is it! You can mention it as a reason for your preference. On the top of that, you can say that you always liked to work as an assistant, or that you believe to have good predispositions for doing the job.


Sample answers

Each of us has some preferences. Speaking honestly, I never wanted to have a job when one deals with new challenges every day, manages the others and is responsible for making major decisions. I prefer to have my job in an office, being focused and knowing always what to do and what action to take. Therefor, I am looking for an administrative job.

I am a fresh graduate and see this position as a best possible start of my career, as a chance to learn something. On the top of that, I fulfill all the requirements and all in all I believe to be a good assistant. I may aim for management position in the future, but in the first years of my career, I am looking for an administrative job.

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