How do you keep your qualification and knowledge up to date?

Man is speaking in front of a small interviewing panel. Three interviewers are listening carefully to his wordsMany people stop working on their skills as soon as they get their first job. School has finished, and so has learning. It is time to earn money. Or am I wrong?

People who are not going forward do not remain on the same spot. They are actually falling backwards, because other people work on their skills, becoming better office workers.

This should not happen to you–at least you should do your best to convince the interviewers that you still try to learn new things, trying to improve your productivity, efficiency, and knowledge.

Office software, effective communication, MS Outlook, internet, making good coffee. Things change in time. One can not remain on the top of their game if they do not strive to improve.


Sample answer

Every time I start in a new job, I try to learn something about the filed of business. Manners on the meetings, innovations, market trends. What is more, I try to learn to work with new office software, to improve my working efficiency, and to be able to take care of any office tasks.

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